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Stanislav Vlassov, chief choreographer of Moscow State Ballet Theatre, is a former solist of the Bolshoi, laureat of international competitions and festivals in Berlin, Moscow and Havana. Stanislav Vlassov graduated from the Moscow Choreographic School of the Bolshoi Theatre and was assepted as a member of the Bolshoi Ballet. He danced leading roles in «Walpurgisnacht», «Flames of Paris», «Romeo and Juliet», «Firebird» and the «Red Poppy». He has partnered the greatest stars of the Bolshoi Ballet, including Ekaterina Maximova, Raissa Struchkova, Nina Sorokina, Marina Kondratjeva, Ludmila Bogomolova, Olga Lepeshinskaja and Others. Stanislav Vlassov closely collaborated with Lilia Sabitova.

With the Bolshoi he has worked also as a choreographer for the renewal of classical masterpieces like the «Firebird», «Petrouska», the «Blue Beard» as well as choreographic miniatures like the «Seasons of the year» and «Pigeons Fly» which won the first prize in a nation wide competition.

Stanislav Vlassov has won prizes and his talent has been recognized in dance Ballet competitions and festivals both as a dancer and as a choreographer.

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